"Let us prove to the world to the world that good taste, good art, and good writing can be good selling." 
                     ...Bill Bernbach
             "Innovative Solutions From Innovative Ideas"

         Agency News

Aug. 2013. Agency to rebrand as CDM Digital  Advertising 2014

Aug. 2013 Kim Bautista to join CDM as Vice President of Planning and Strategy.

Aug. 2013. Carson Dunn Media in discussions to merge with
 small PR agency.

Jan. 2013 Bernard A. McNealy
designated as CEO/President.

Jan. 2013 Joyce M. McNealy appointed as Vice President of Operations.
Dec. 2012 CDM signs with Small
Ventures as its lead agency.

Nov. 2012. CDM receives 
award for Club Luichi online 

July 2012. Agency selected to
furnish PSA's to CA First5

May 2012. Agency signs Club Luichi as global advertising client.

Carson Dunn Media Advertising, Inc. is based in Los Angeles. We follow the time-honored 'clients first' philosophy of the
of Madison Avenue

   "Make it simple. make it memorable to look at."                                                                                                                    .... Leo Burnett
    "In a world of business, it is useless to be an original creative thinker,            unless you can sell what you create."
                                                                                                        ----David Ogilvy

       "Transferring successfully to the next generation means producing work...
       that's better."
                                                                                                              ....Jay Chiat  

       "That's what the money is for!"
                                                                                                       ....Donald Draper

An advertising agency that igores a client's sales goal philosophy just to create flash, is worse than a surgeon that operates with a stick. We don't engage in create silliness. Carson Dunn Media sells products.

Successful advertising is a precise mix of alchemy. It requires 
a sense of design,  strategy, and thoughtfulness. Advertising agency campaigns tell the story of a brand and a business in a clear, concise, unambiguous manner. Carson Dunn Media is a full service agency that does that just -- and we tell it well. 

Our name may be long, but our friends call us CDM. Please do.

Campaigns are more effective if they incorporate an Internet presence, combined with print, web design, web content, blogs, broadcast media and marketing collateral.

Carson Dunn Media is an independent digital shop but offers full
service advertising, integrated marketing and social media marketing, and public relations all of which can result in an increase of 
revenue and business profits.

With the right budget, we can create solutions that will make a company with a local presence and consumer base, grow to national and eventually, global prominence. In just a few months a company can experience quantifiable growth.  

Is it expensive? Advertising and marketing are investments to future growth. We work on a retainer basis. Let's get down to business. You stopped by because you're curious 
about how digital advertising and marketing will benefit your business.

Well, let's have a conversation about your marketing needs.

                    Carson Dunn Media Advertising, Inc.           
                                      P.O. Box 14476 
                                  Van Nuys, CA   91409
                                      (818) 627-0450
Carson Dunn Media
 Marketing, Public Relations, Advertising

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